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Extension of Water Supply & Sewage Collection

We provide rehabilitation and extension of water supplies and sewage collection through the installation of water meters; the replacement and construction of water mains and the construction of new reservoirs. Rehabilitation ensures long term viability of the water supply and sanitation in order to maintain and improve health and productivity.

Construction of Residential & Commercial Buildings

The construction of residential and commercial buildings include any renovations and remodeling required along with the design build and any additions to be made to the structure. Interior and foundation work is also covered; from plumbing and water lines to painting and floor installation.

Restoration and Rehabilitation

Restoration and rehabilitation of a building is done by recreating non-surviving portions of a property and reverting the property back to its original periodic state and the altering/adding of a property in order to maintain its structure or to meet the nature of its current use.

Foundation Piles

When constructing a building the soil needs to be analyzed to determine how deep the foundation should be to keep the structure standing and stable. Foundation piles are vertical columns made of either wood, concrete, or steel that are placed deep into the ground to set the foundation of the building.

Manufacturing of Asphalt

The manufacturing of asphalt through distillation and mixing to create a malleable substance. If the asphalt is to be used for a purpose other than road construction (roof, waterproof sealant) it may be oxidized or air blown. Once the mixture is finished, it is sent to the site where it will be used.

Manufacturing of Ready-Mix Concrete

We manufacture our ready-mix concrete at our batching planet that can deliver different mix designs according to customer’s wishes

Supply & Transportation of Materials

NBC provides and transports our own materials to ensure timely deliveries and quality materials (Base course, gravel, rocks… etc.) to all construction sites. We also have more than 20 Mercedes Actros and Trailer 4848.

Excavation & Compaction

Excavation and Compaction is the process of moving soil, rocks and other materials in order to create foundations for building or reservoirs. The waste and soil is then compressed in order to create and/or save space on sites.

Manufacturing of Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks are manufactured by raw materials of powdered cement, water, sand, and gravel. The shapes and sizes of the manufactured concrete blocks are normally standardized but can be customized if the site requires it.

Building Materials

Building materials are any materials that are used within the construction of a building. Common materials used are natural raw materials including cement, glass, ceramic, wood, rocks, and steel. At NBC, we provide our own materials, such as asphalt, with our own mixers.

Construction / Contracting

Construction is the process of building infrastructure through designing and engineering services to ensure perfect execution. The construction of infrastructure is managed through contracting in which all resources are carefully planned and priced in order for the process of construction to move smoothly.


Infrastructure consists of structures that are required for the daily operation of our communities. These structures are interconnected and organized to maintain the function of a society. Such structures are road ways, water systems, buildings, bridges, tunnels, electrical systems, etc.

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