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“You can dream, create, design, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it requires people to make the dream a reality.” – Walt Disney.

We will help your dreams come true! We provide our customers with well finished products that best fit their needs and fulfill their goals by combining our expertise with their vision. Our attention is always focused on our client’s needs. We supply building materials; we execute buildings, infrastructure, roads, and handle structural rehabilitation.


Having access to public ser vices like, roads, water, sewage, electricity, and telecommunication, infrastructure is the foundation for how we live our lives.

We fulfill infrastructure investments made by entities like ministries, municipalities, public-private partnerships, NGO’s, etc…

We provide construction of new infrastructure networks and rehabilitation to existing ones by the installation of pipelines, manholes, house connections, manholes, water mains, reservoirs, canals, retaining walls, WWTP, etc…


“The road to success is always under construction.”–Arnold Palmer.

We fulfill road construction and rehabilitation supported by ministries, municipalities, public-private partnerships, NGO’s, etc…
We perform excavation, leveling, backfilling, laying and compacting subbase and base coarse layers and finally repaving.
We also execute all necessary incidental works such as installation of concrete curbs, gutters, tiles, temporary safety devices and traffic control devices (Road signing and marking, bollards, delineators, etc…)


“Construction is the art of making a meaningful whole out of many parts.” ― Peter Zumthor.

Our construction expertise spans both residential and commercial buildings within the public and private sectors, in addition to NGO’s.
We build from A to Z. Our services in this sector contribute to civil, architectural, mechanical, and electrical works: Excavation, leveling, concrete works, reinforcement, backfilling, finishing works (CMU, plastering, painting, waterproofing, false ceilings, tiling, rendering, steel works, carpentry, aluminum, etc…), plumbing, sanitar y, piping, HVAC, lighting, wiring, panel boards, systems (telecommunication, fire alarm, CCTV, TV), elevators, and all related works.

Building Materials

“Even a brick wants to be something.” – Louis Kahn.

We supply high quality raw materials such as sand, gravel, sub base, base coarse, crushed stones, and all types of aggregates, etc… from our own crusher located in Qab Elias (Lebanese Company for Building and Construction LCBC) and deliver them anywhere in the Lebanese territory through our own truck fleet.
We manufacture and supply all types and sizes concrete hollow block conforming to the international standards and to the satisfaction of our clients.


“Use the best possible materials, and reveal the quality of those materials and the craftsmanship of their assembly.” – Karl Friedrich Schinkel.

We manufacture and deliver all types of ready mix concrete and asphalt to the satisfaction of our clients conforming to international norms and codes using the best quality materials.

We can serve you through our:
– 240 cubic meter/hour: Concrete Batching Plant located in Qab Elias (BMB)
– 170 ton/hour: Asphalt Batching Plant located in Qab Elias (MCCI).
– 250 ton/hour: Asphalt Batching Plant located in Choweifat – Beirut (LAC).


“It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.” David Allan Coe

We do all types of shoring and piling works for any type of construction projects. Bearing on the large fleet of shoring and pilling equipment and an array of highly talented and experienced workforce, we deliver high quality services to our clients.

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